Tuesday, April 18, 2006

4th European Social Forum- Athens, 4th-7th May

People not Profit
Peace not War.

4th European Social Forum
Athens May 4th - 7th.

The movements against war and capitalist globalisation are organising to take part in the 4th European Social Forum to be held from 4th - 7th May in Athens, Greece.
The French students' revolt has been an inspiration to all those fighting against a system that provacatively gives the multinationals and industrialists everything they want, while for us it is poverty, war and racism.

The anti-war movement will be in Athens, stronger and more determined not only in opposition to Bush/Blair's occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and in support of the Palestinians, but also against any "intervention" in Iran, and attacks on civil liberties ie The recent abduction of 28 Pakistani immigrants by the Greek, British and Pakistani secret services.

The workers movement will be there too.
Bank workers, port workers, workers at the Coca-Cola factory, workers from the fertiliser factory in Thessaloniki, teachers, students - all fighting against wage-freezes, redundancies, factory closures and privatisation.

There will be speakers from all over the world including Walden Bello "Focus on the Global South", Susan George "Attac France", Vitorio Anioletto "Euro MP and the 'spirit' ofthe Genoa Social Forum 2001", Samir Amin "Author", Jose Bove "Farmer activist", and many speakers from all over the world from the anti-war and anti-capitalist movements, labour activists and anti-racist organisations.

Saturday May 6th 15.00
Constitution Square, Athens
Pan-European Demonstration against War, Poverty, Racism and New-Liberalism.


Blogger noserubber said...

Oh goody, maybe this is the revolution, then?

I wish it would make up it's mind when it's going to kick off. Maybe the Students Union of Crete University could nudge the old international proletariat in a bit, what do you think?

9:39 PM  
Blogger anticapitalista said...

Revolution it isn't, but important it is, particularly as an attack on Iran seems almost certain.
The students of Crete university can learn a lot from French students who will be at the ESF.

11:58 PM  
Blogger noserubber said...

Thanks for clearing that up - I look forward to this earth shattering and 'important' event

3:23 PM  
Blogger anticapitalista said...

See you in Athens then, dickhead.

2:39 AM  
Blogger noserubber said...

Oh I'm just so excited - the revolution is tomorrow!!! Can't wait!!!!!! Then I can go home and Mummy will do my laundry and I can call Justin and Laura and we can plan our banners!!!!! Golly these protests are really good for bringing the ordinary people together, y'know, it's just super!!!!!


2:51 PM  
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