Saturday, February 25, 2006

Justice for the 28 Pakistanis kidnapped by Greek Agents

In the wake of the July bombings in London, 28 Pakistani immigrants were abducted, beaten and tortured by the Greek intelligence agency in co-operation with MI6. One senior MI6 agent Nicholas Langman, employed at the British Embassy in Athens, was present at the interrogation.
Both the Greek and British governments have attempted to cover up the story, firstly by denying that the event happened and then trying to impose a gagging order on the press.
This disgraceful scandal has led to the recent resignation of Christos Markogiannakis, the Greek deputy minister for public order and anti-war activists are calling for the resignation of the man resposible, the minister for public order, George Voulgarakis, who has admitted to organising the arrest of 5400 immigrants since the July bombings as "terrorist suspects".
A demonstration has been called for the 21st January in solidarity with the Pakistani immigrants demanding justice and demanding the resignation of Voulgarakis.

No Justice, No Peace.



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