Monday, March 27, 2006

Phone-tapping scandal won't go away

However much the Greek government tries to hide the issue or claim it is as much a victim of the scandal whereby activists of the anti-war, anti-capitalist and labour movement had their (mobile) phones tapped, the majority of Greeks in a recent tv survey blamed the Greek government for the phone-tapping scandal.
The phone-tapping began during the demonstrations against the EU summit held in Thessaloniki in the summer of 2003,

it continued with the anti-war demonstrations and later against those demonstrating against the Olympic Games that were held in Athens in the summer of 2004.

On the 9th February, over a 1000 demonstrated in Athens and several hundred in Thessaloniki against the "big brother" -the demo being backed by the workers centre of Thessaloniki, the public sector union confederation of Thessaloniki, the Greek Stop the War Coalition and other left groups. The police attacked the demonstration in Thessaloniki firing tear-gas into the crowd trying to disperse the participants, but failed and the demonstration continued as planned past the American Embassy, the British Consulate and finally the Ministry of Northern Greece.
Finally in a government re-shuffle the minister of public order was replaced.
Another victory for the movement.


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