Monday, March 27, 2006

Thousands join anti-war demo in Athens

March 18, day of action against the continued war/occupation of Iraq, against the threat of war with Iran and Syria and solidarity with the Palestinians.
The demonstration was called by the Greek Stop the War Coalition, both trade union confederations, Muslim groups in Greece, and the Greek social forum.
Firstly a rally in Syntagma Square with music and speeches from anti-war activists and members of the Muslim community in Greece followed by a demonstration to the American Embassy.

At the same time there was a demonstration at the US naval base of Souda near Chania on the island of Crete demanding its closure. Most of the people that took part were locals and the march was backed by the workers centre of Chania, the teachers union of Chania, students union of the University of Crete, and local anti-racist groups and political organisations of the left.


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