Saturday, February 25, 2006

Linux beats M$

For the past year I have been using linux as my operating system. Like many people I was fed up with virus threats, adware, crashes and expensive software to "solve" the previously mentioned problems. So I decided to try a new OI first tried a livecd by the name Slax ( This great little linux distro got me interested in linux and then I tried Mepis. ( Mepis is just a great linux distro for those wanting to move from windoze as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Mepis is also a livecd, which means you can try it out without installing to the hard drive. This has the advantage of seeing what Mepis has to offer and testing whether your hardware is compatible, ie works. (It is slow as a livecd, but ok when installed). Most people, most of the time have no problems and install to the hard drive. Installation is a doddle and quick. If you do have any problems, questions then visit the friendly people at Mepislovers (see link)

So what does Mepis have for the'typical" home user?
Instead of M$ Office there is Open Office.
For web browsing it comes with the highly acclaimed Firefox.
Email client is Mozilla thunderbird.
GAIM instant messaging.
GIMP for image manipulation.
Ipod support

Acrobat reader
Xmms audio media player
Xine dvd/video player
.........and a lot more throughthe Debian apt package system (16000 apps)

If you have never tried a linux distro, give Mepis a try.

Another linux distro I'm using is called Kanotix (see link). This is more suitable for more experienced users of linux and is more 'bleeding-edge' and faster than Mepis (not that Mepis is slow). It is also based on Debian, it has a great choice of apps and a friendly forum.

Since the change, no more virus threats, no adware/spyware. I'm in control of my computer OS rather that it controlling me.....and I'm having a lot of fun.

Here is my present desktop running Mepis 3.4.3 RC3


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